What is Minecraft Hypixel?

November 10, 2022

What is Minecraft Hypixel?

Minecraft will soon be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. It remains one of the most loved games in the world. The Hypixel server, popular content creators like Technoblade and Dream are two of the main reasons Minecraft continues to be so popular.

Once a one-player game, where players could express their creativity and build everything from houses to farms, Minecraft is now a popular online game with many thousands playing every day. Specific Minecraft servers have popped off in popularity over the years and Hypixel is one of the absolute biggest. The Minecraft fever continues to grow in 2021, alongside big content creators like YouTube and Twitch.

What is Hypixel? How can you use it and who are the major content creators behind Hypixel?

What is Minecraft Hypixel?

Hypixel was an online Minecraft server that was created in April 2013. It is basically a minigame server that allows players to join and play various minigames. Hypixel started as a YouTube channel with content about Minecraft adventure maps. Hypixel has grown to be one of the most popular online servers, with content creators regularly playing it.

There are currently 20 minigames available on Hypixel. Some of the most popular include SkyWars and Mega Walls. Hypixel offers other features, such as cosmetics, levels, friends, chat, and much more. Even though the feature is currently in maintenance, players who are dedicated can compete for a spot on the leaderboards.

Who is Technoblade?”

Technoblade, a well-known North American Minecraft YouTuber, makes most of his videos while playing on Hypixel. His content includes Minecraft Mondays and SMP Earth. Technoblade is a leading creator of content within the game, with over 7 million subscribers to YouTube and millions of views on some videos.

Technoblade uploads gameplay from various Minecraft minigames to YouTube. His most-viewed video comes from SkyBlock, a game mode that was recorded on Hypixel. This video has nearly 20 million views. It is a testament to how big Minecraft still is on YouTube.

Technoblade is also a prolific streamer. This allows his followers to interact on a level not possible with recorded videos. Technoblade, along with other content creators such as TommyInnit and Dream, has risen to the top of the Minecraft scene in 2021.

How can you play Minecraft Hypixel

It is easy to get Minecraft Hypixel. All you need is a Minecraft account. Hypixel is an online server which can be accessed through the Minecraft client. Hypixel is not compatible with other Minecraft versions like Pocket Edition or console versions.

Click on the “multiplayer” button in the menu after you have launched Minecraft. You can connect to servers from this menu by clicking “add server.” After entering a server address, the game will prompt you to click “done.” Once that is done, the server will appear and be available for you to join. Once the Hypixel server has been added, you will only need to find it on the list of added servers.

Players will be welcomed into the server's lobby, where they can join the various minigames. Each game will be presented by different NPCs. The NPC will display the name of the game and the number of players. You can now choose one of the many fun minigames.

Is Minecraft Hypixel still available?

Players who have Minecraft accounts will be able play Hypixel free of charge. It takes only a few minutes to join the server via the official IP address of the server, “mc.hypixel.net”. It is free to join the server and play with more than 100,000 other online players.