Unique Minecraft servers

December 4, 2022

Unique Minecraft servers

Minecraft is an 11-year-old game. Players are now somewhat aware that servers can sometimes look similar to each other and possibly even uninspired.

This is usually a side effect of using public plugins that have very little custom development directly on the Minecraft server. Occasionally, this can result in the feeling of 'Deja vu' while trying out some Minecraft servers currently out there.

However, Minecraft's blocky world is huge and hundreds of servers have been created that provide a unique, fun, and quirky experience. These servers are unique and special because of the attention to detail, innovative gameplay mechanics and custom-made plugins for server-side.


MC Prison is an example for what a Minecraft server should be. The server's impressive six-year lifespan has seen it slowly improved and optimized in order to get to its current state.

MC Prison has a dedicated team of developers who work tirelessly every day to create innovative, new features. One fascinating feature on the MC Prison Minecraft server is a wide selection of casino-based gaming options that can be played with in-game currency.

The bottom line is that MC Prison, unlike its prison server peers, is a joy to play on Minecraft.


The Imageneering Fun Server is a completely new idea in the world of Minecraft server. It was designed to be as close as possible to real-life Disney theme parks within the game's blocky world.

This server has everything you would expect to find at a Disney resort. The server features a variety of park games and dedicated park 'tour guide' guides to show new players around.

Imageneering is the best Minecraft server idea generator. The server is visited by hundreds of people every day, making it easy to understand why.


HavocMC created the Mining Dead game mode. It is an interesting game mode. Players are dropped into a world of zombies and their goal is to not only survive, but thrive.

Gaming-wise, the Mining Dead Minecraft server offers a unique blend of PvP elements and PvE elements. This is achieved through the use of specially-developed server features such as guns and base customization.


MCBall, a Minecraft server, takes the wildly fun game of paintball. It implements it directly into a Minecraft server for players to enjoy whenever they like.

The maps on the MCBall server were all hand-built. The server's paintball plugin was also created in-house. This creates a unique experience that is not available elsewhere. At their own discretion, players can play paintball alone or with friends.

2B2T IP: www.2B2T.ORG

2b2t is a Minecraft anarchy server with zero rules; the server is somewhat humorously described as 'the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft.'

Everything is possible on 2b2t. 2b2t is open to all players. The server is an example of a social experiment at its best. It allows hundreds of players to do what they like without restrictions and then see what happens.

It's hard to understate the history and memes of this server; the active subreddit community boasting 143,000 members speaks for it self.

2b2t Minecraft is also well-known for the many content creators who promote it, like Salc1 or FitMC.