The Islands of Junara Map

Playing Minecraft flow in the skies has been a popular choice of player. Do you hate those mobs ? Don’t worry, because this map is up above the earth, so fewer mobs spawn, you don’t need to be afraid of creepers blowing up structure, which means drag you to hell immediately.

Take it easy while playing this map, it’s a nice place to staying away from those players who want to force and raid one’s hard work. The Islands of Junara is one of the few maps which feature a floating world with multiple islands above the Earth below.

But you must focus on where you are standing, walk on the right place because these island don’t come with water on sides, everyone definitely want to avoid falling off.

This map brings to you some special features normally impossible to obtain in standard version of Minecraft: Super weapons and armor buffed up with enchantments and powerful things. Because this map is an aerial nature, so resources are very limited, as a result, every single block becomes more valuable than ever before, even digging dirt, hold on, and keep for increasing the size of the floating islands.

In this map, the island is divide into many layers, which means players will want to get some water for descending downward as soon as possible. The hardest thing about this map is the way you walk, the way you craft, so be careful, if you don’t want to die young !!!