Monarch of Madness Map

Castle adventure style is the most popular type of game nowadays. Monarch of Madness is a Minecraft map which brings to player an attractive gameplay with a mysterious castle.

It follows the same storyline as other adventure about castle maps. It doesn’t like any maps else, normally, we try to break a lot of blocks to find out what we need to do, but in this map, you must do so explicitly by a sign or book found in the castle.

Trap is one of the best feature in this map, for players who end up trapped under floors or something behind the wall, breaking a block could make a huge difference between resuming the adventure and losing hours of play time.

To play this map normally, the should be no other mods installed, as a result, they will disturb the normal function of the map. And Monarch of Madness has only received updates from Minecraft 1.8, so player need a custom launcher to trick the game if they have an older version of the game, after that, player can enjoy this adventure.

The author suggests player looking for the Ghost’s Rustic resource pack to use with this map, it’ll improve the texture a lot. And of course, there will be a lot of secret things wait you to find out .