Minecraft server guide

December 26, 2022

Minecraft server guide

If you're looking for a guide on how to start your own minecraft server then this post is for you. First of all you're going to want to decide whether its gonna be a server that's mostly for you and a few of your friends or a larger server that's meant to support up to 50 people or more. If you're going for the former, then you're probably going to want to rent a cloud server since it's pretty cheap and should do the trick for you, simply install minecraft server on it and you're fine. If you're however looking for a larger type of a server you're probably going to want to rent a dedicated server, as you will have problems with performance if you go for cloud with that many players.

When you're shopping around for a decent dedicated server, these are the components you're going to want to keep your eye on.

Generally speaking you're going to want to have as much space as possible, however this generally hikes up the price and you're mostly going to want to shop around for a higher drive speed. Most likely you're going to want to store your world and game files on a SSD disk and you can put the rest of your file on a normal drive since speed doesn't matter as much with those.


You've probably noticed, if you've ever played Minecraft, it's quite a memory hungry game, good news is however, that this can be mitigated quite well with regular server restarts. You're probably going to want to go no lower than 4Gb, but in the end the sky is the limit. Obviously the amount and speed of your ram is going to most directly translate into speed of service so this is not the area you want to skimp on.

There's not much to say about cpus. You want one that's pretty decent but it probably wont be your bottle neck for speed. One thing i would like to point out, you generally want as many possible threads as you can get, as that will also drastically help your servers performance.


Last but not least, you're going to want to keep your eye on the connection being offered for the server, while you can probably get away with a somewhat midrange connection, i'd still advise about 20Mb, since if you're going to run any plugins your line can still get overwhelmed during peak hours. Not the most important thing but do keep it in mind.