Minecraft PE problems

I’ve been trying to house a couple of villagers in my base, but after a while I will log back in to find one or more of them gone. I have made beds for all the villagers I breed, and the beds are not abstructed by any block so the villagers can pathfind to them. I can show anyone a pic if needed.

Next, my animals (cows, sheeps, and llamas) keep disappearing as well. I feed and breed them, yet they dissapear when I log into the game. The only way they don’t despawn/dissapear is if i leash them and attach it to a fence, but I only have so many leashes for my many livestock. My pens are less than 10×10 so I really dont what is causing these disappearances.

Sometimes, when moving/looking around, my screen will shake violently, making it hard to place blocks. The shaking stops when I stop moving the screen or moving in game.

Last, and most recently, I cant enter the Nether. I’ll step into the portal, my screen will start to turn purple and swirl around, and then the game will crash. I’ve restarted my phone and the game to no prevail. I have the Samsung s9+, so it should be able to handle the game, and the world itself is less than 100mb.

I know this is a lot, but I really cant stand these issues, especially the one about the nether (I haven’t even tried the end yet)

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