Funland Map

The reason why creator named this map “Funland” because it will bring a lot of fun to player and even make you addicted to this map. Do you remember ” Roller Coaster Tycoon ” ? It’s a series game of amusement park with extreme park game and have a lot of beautiful scenary. This “Funland 3 ” map is the reflection of RCT on Minecraft World.

With the ability to build many kind of roller coasters to restaurants, fast food conners,… you can build your own amusement park. Moreover, this map adds different challenges to take on. Player will never feel bored about this map. This map includes over 100 attractions and many kind of objects for your own plan to make Minecraft become a fantastic park. There are 36 roller coasters, 17 water ride, retaurants, souvenir shops, more …

While enjoy your trip at Minecraft ” Funland 3 ” map, you need to spend a lot of time exploring to discover hidden things in this map.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know complicated things about Minecraft, don’t worry, no packs or mods are required to use the map, just download it in the link below and enjoy gameplay. This map even has a storyline so make this map become more attractive.

The story is a mystery and base on the older versions, so if you’ve played Funland 1-2, you still want to explore this new map “Funland 3”.